Happy Halloween!

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Been a while since I have wrote anything on my blogs. Have moved to Florida !

I came across this article and thought it very intrersting. Dr Dodds is very good and I appreciate her opinion in this article. I have had so many people form all over the world contact me about zinc deficiency, and found it interesting she did not mention this and I plan to contact her with it, however these are all good things to rule out regarding hair loss in our breed.

20 Signs of Bloat courtesy of the AMCW

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You know your own dog the best and you know when things aren’t quite right

If you notice any of these signs in your dog, call your vet or take him to an emergency clinic as soon as possible. Not all dogs show the classic signes of bloat or GDV, some may be very subtle or be at pre-bloat stage. Keep a copy of this list, your vets phone number, an emergency clinic number, and your pets medical history in a convenient place in case of an emergency. Bloat and GDV occur very quickly and a dog can be in shock within minutes.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible , but if you see something on your dog(s) that is incorrect or not up to date , or would simply like to send more photos please feel free to contact us.
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