Congrats to Sky aka Pale Moon’s California Sky owned by Briggitta Westfall obtained their Master Agility Champion (MACH) title!

Mach, Pach Pale Moon’s California Sky

written by AMY NOVAK

Congrats to Pale Moon’s California Sky owned by Briggitta Westfall! On June 16, Brigitta Westall (CA) and her wonderfully spirited girl, SKY, Pale Moon’s California Sky, obtained their Master Agility Champion (MACH) title.

While this in itself is noteworthy, Brigitta and SKY have gone beyond “just” achieving the highest agility title possible: they’ve done it TWICE, in both height divisions – in less than a year. Last year, in August 2013, SKY earned her first PACH. After this, Brigitta decided to compete with SKY in the regular height class (24 inches, as opposed to the Preferred 20 inch class, when she achieved her PACH. This means that they had to start from scratch – repeating Novice, Open and Excellent A, all jumping four inches higherthan she previously had. This was a bigger challenge than the dogs in the 24 inch class were facing. However, they did attain their MACH just 11 months after they completed their PACH.

If you aren’t familiar with agility, let me tell you that this is a phenomenal accomplishment! It would be very hard to get this done in 11 months entirely in the Masters class, but they did it starting all the way from Novice again. It’s a truly amazing feat, and the marvellous SKY is the first PACH/MACH malamute! In addition to this, SKY also finished her Time 2 Beat (T2B) titles in the regular class as well as the Preferred class. I’m almost certain that SKY is also the first malamute to get her T2B title in both divisions as well, making her a two-time history maker! SKY and Brigitta also earned their MXB and MJB titles during this time, which requires 25 Qs in their class. I don’t even know what to say about this incredible team. Brigitta writes, “Needless to say, I love her and I am proud of her-my little partner, SKY, who loves to “Malamute Talk” while we run. It is a joy and privilege to have her in my life.” Well said, Brigitta. And huge congratulations to you both.

Kona & Rita both finished their American Championship in Michigan Specialty in May!

Kona was BOW both days @

London back to back WB @ Fond Du Lac show!

Runner is now an Australian Champion! Congrats to his owner Jenn Lawrence!

London shown only two weekends, 4pt major, then next weekend Best in Show Puppy and back to back WB! All from the puppy class!

Our Kona took BOB from the classes over specials @ Detroit Kennel Club Show 2013, Best Bred By Exhibitor and a Bred By Group One! Handled by Kate, bred & owned by Pale Moon Kennels!

London’s (aka Pale Moon’s Inspire A Generation ) first show debut in Chicago Illinois took a 4 point major out of the puppy classes! Congratulations Chen Liu London’s owner!

Scarlett, Pale Moon’s Absolut Dream At Snokist, took a major win at the Hoosier KC shows. Scarlett is handled by Donelle Robert and owned by Donelle and Kate Salvadore.

Kona took WD 3 out of 4 days at the Winter Classic shows in Novi MI in Jan.

Rita took WB and BOS at the Winter Classic show.

Kona and Rita are handled by Katie.

We have tried to be as accurate as possible , but if you see something on your dog(s) that is incorrect or not up to date , or would simply like to send more photos please feel free to contact us.
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